Why manufacturing without barcode printer? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-04-29
Generally have a certain scale of manufacturing companies will buy bar code printer equipment to improve the work efficiency, convenient product traceability, further to control product quality, improve after-sales service. In manufacturing production management main functions including production planning, production planning, production management control. When using bar code technology to management, also have to be designed the corresponding bar code for each product, for clothing, footwear product has its unique color and size attributes can be codified in the bar code ( If there is a semi-finished products during the production, also can use bar code technology to produce finished product tracking technology, such as large appliances production fuselage code, etc. ) 。 Current production computerized management is an important topic of the domestic MRPII implement, especially in guangdong foreign investment, enterprise difficulty of implementation, on the one hand is the turnover factor caused the instability of production, on the other hand is on the device. Such as the traditional way of computer management, means that for each production line equipped with data input workstations and related personnel; And after using bar code technology, you can use the data collector for real-time data collection, timing of data processing and so on the one hand, do not need any additional computer workstation, on the other hand also reduce the size of the corresponding equipment and operating personnel, can also have a very good guarantee on the data accuracy, this time on traditional computer management can be said to be trailing. And bar code technology is fundamentally solve the problem for production management of equipment. In manufacturing product management main functions including warehouse management, product sales and after-sales service management, etc. Bar code technology is applied to the similar product inventory management and material management, but because of the relatively simple products than the material, size and packing easier to paste the bar code, in the early stages of the bar code technology development, more can directly reflect the superiority of bar code management. And product sales and after-sales service manage using bar code technology can further specific products linked with direct user, create more detailed customer account and product sales account. The after-sales product quality tracking, the establishment of efficient customer service system, and guarantee the product quality accident after has responsibility for traceability, and ensure the same batch products in the market to get fast control.
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