Why need polish oil _ the non-drying label printing equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2023-08-30
Why do the non-drying label need polish oil? Believe that there is a big part of the users will feel strange. Just yesterday, shenzhen printing adhesive a customer also asked, said today. Of polishing is to beautify the print label, protect prints, strengthen the publicity of printed matter and increase the practical value of the printed matter. After polishing the non-drying label is more smooth surface, uniform incident light reflection and ink layer is more bright. Light is on the label paper surface coated with glazing oil processing. After printing to finish up before, to take appropriate measures to the non-drying label or cardboard calendar surface protective treatment. Print a layer of bright after polishing on the surface of the cover film. Its application scope: packaging decoration paper, such as paper bags, envelope, trademarks, etc. , have the effect of beautification and protect goods after polishing. Common quality problems in the non-drying label UV glazing are: 1, after polishing, after a period of time the product yellow, red, change color; 2, product surface not bright; Crease or streaks; 3, on the smooth surface sticky, not smooth; 4, glaze layer rickety, ink, there are air bubbles, pitting, etc. Solution to the problem: 1, the use of high quality, the period of validity of glazing oil; 2, reasonable control the amount of oil polish, can neither too little nor too much, pay attention to the flow leveling effect; 3, pay attention to the bottom of the ink print quality and asked for the quantity of ink is printed, really, is not to dry; 4, according to the actual circumstance of polishing on the surface of the correct adjustment glazing oil viscosity; 5, properly adjust the surface tension of the glazing oil, make it less than the surface tension of ink, you can add the solvents or surfactants with low surface tension; 6, avoid crystallization, the ink layer on the surface treatment when necessary; 7, adjust the machine speed, glazing oil, drying the relationship between the energy.
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