Why printer thermal transfer paper misregister tail tip? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-07-19
Why the printer in the print thermal transfer paper misregister tail tip? Actually engaged in this new, many of them will face such a problem, at the end of the day also don't know how to solve. For guangzhou Big Ben like thermal transfer paper factory house bring new users to solve this problem, the hope can help meet old and new users of the problem. Thermal transfer paper printers, the tail of the last unit horn line can't and tail Angle line in the first few units. After repeated examination found that at the end of a unit taking paper chain diao paper teeth from the impression cylinder of diao paper tooth pick up paper, the whole row of diao paper tooth force is not uniform, but also not in the position of paper receiving synchronization of paper. Paper diao diao loose paper force on both ends of the teeth, tight, among which the paper from the second half of the rubber roller chain diao paper sheet, the progressive off is not flat, but took the paper from the left and right sides of the center shrinkage, lead to thermal transfer paper misregister tail tip parts. Solution: first of all, remember that the failure of a row of diao paper teeth, points to move the machine to make it sent to the rear of the machine. Then adjust the whole row of diao diao paper teeth paper, require all the diao diao paper teeth paper force, after adjusted the testing-run, failure can be removed. It can solve the problem of thermal transfer paper misregister tail tip.
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