wipro, hcl in race for rs 1,500 crore india posts devices project: report

by:Xprinter     2019-11-15
IT companies at Wipro and HCL Infosystems are competing to supply 1.
According to an estimated cost of Rs 1,500, three lakh handheld devices were shipped to the Post Office.
\"Wipro and HCL Infosystems are eligible for technical bids for 1,30, 000 handheld devices for the postal sector.
\"According to the DoP, the supplier of this project is expected to be finalized by the end of this month,\" a senior government official told PTI . \".
As part of the modernization program, the DoP has already conducted tenders for the supply of handheld equipment to 1,30 000 post offices located in rural areas.
The Postal Service has computerized almost 25,000 of its postal office, but will provide hand-held devices for digital records for rural post offices.
\"Handheld devices will be connected to the Postal Department network and software.
The equipment will be used for financial transactions such as booking and receiving bills of exchange, express mail and other services provided by the Post Office, and must have receipts or records, the official said.
Any transactions made using the device will be updated in the core system of the post office.
The device will have a bio
Measure modules for identifying individuals with Aadhar numbers, solar panels for charging without electricity and hot printers for immediate printing of receipts and handing over receipts to customers.
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