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by:Xprinter     2020-05-14

a lot of enterprises because of not familiar with bar code label printers, in choosing a bar code label printer often don't know how to choose, so users should be how to choose to suit oneself enterprise use bar code label printer? Here, provide some basis for how to choose the printer to the customer. Choosing bar code label printer, should consider the following problem:

the number of printing if you need to print more than 1000 a day, you will need a solid with high dosage and metal case industrial printers, such as SATO CL408e / 412 e, CL608e / 612 e, etc. Print a small number of, can use desktop personal printer series, such as computed tomography (CT) - 400/410; In the point of sale or in the office can choose desktop personal printer series, such as POSTEK Q8 series, POSTEK C168 series, POSTEK G2108 / G3106, Zebra S400, S500, etc.

the size of the barcode bar code printer can print commonly 4 & Prime; X6“ Label, which is suit of the specifications of the current shipping label. You can also according to your own need to print out the flexible labels of different sizes, if you want to print more wide, can choose CL608e/CL612e type. Resolution

the resolution of the bar code scanner to to determine from three aspects: optical parts, hardware part and software part. That is to say, the resolution of the barcode scanner is equal to the resolution of the optical components, combined with its own through the analysis of the hardware and software for processing the resulting resolution.

print accuracy

print accuracy depend on the printer in the print head this important parts. Market on the surface of the printing precision is respectively: 200 dpi, 300 dpi, 600 dpi. The higher the accuracy, printed label and bar code, the more fine clear text. The user can according to the industry situation, select suitable for their own print label size requirements of product.

PAUSE button: PAUSE and start printing

the FEED button: leave a piece of paper to

the CANCEL button: when the print data transmission to the printer, but do not need to print can press PAUSE first, and then press CANCEL until data off many times.

CALIBRATE: label test. When installing new specification label, test label, various parameters to print properly.

method: press the PAUSE key first, and then according to CALIBRATE test paper. The test paper tag has accelerated procedure that correct test paper.

note: the tag can rewind the test paper, carbon can't bring roll back.

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