'58' '80' small printer to print the test contrast _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2023-08-19
Friends, 58 receipts printer believe everyone not strange? Is our store checkout using receipt printer, full name is ji 58 c receipt printer and the small make up for the store selection test of 80 receipt printer test phase is drawing to a close, the 80 receipt printer name is new beiyang E80 receipts printers, each index all the other people. Small make up next show friends under the two receipts contrast figure of the printer. On the left is 80 receipt printer to print receipts, 58 receipts on the right is a printer to print receipts. Friends tell, 80 small receipt printer whether handwriting barcode qr code than 58 receipts printer to print out receipts to clear, the most important thing is a bit more show atmosphere, and overall look? Small make up now and supplier negotiation procedure optimization, price is not yet finalized, but small make up here can secretly tell you, the price will not higher than most currently used 60 yuan receipts in the printer. Good extra small make up I also not much said, the spirit of service in the stores, optimize stores information equipment, improve its work efficiency, convenient to aim, moment for the store to find more cost-effective equipment efforts! The last small make up have words to say: don't just see this one small step for today, that's for tomorrow's a big step! ”
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