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58mm vs 80mm thermal printer


First  of all, We need to know what thermal printer is . A thermal printer prints the  pattern or characters by thermal components in the thermal head. Therefore, the  thermal printer can only print the color of black. But the cost of thermal  paper is very low.  Thermal papers of the  size 80 mm and 58mm are the most commonly used in thermal printers.

No.1  The Size of Printing Papers
The  width of printing media (thermal papers) is not the same between 80mm thermal  receipt printer and 58mm thermal receipt printer. The 80mm, like its name  indicating, uses 80mm wide thermal paper. 58mm thermal paper is used in 58mm  series.

No.2  The Cost Difference between 80mm and 58mm
Printing  paper is necessary when using thermal printers. Usually , the price of 58mm  thermal paper is cheaper than that of 80mm. Meanwhile, 58mm thermal receipt  printer usually charges less as well.

How  should you choose a right receipt printer for your business ?
To  some extent, choosing 58 mm thermal printers can help you to save cost. But  there are a few factors that you should put into consideration before you make  a purchase decision.
Compatibility  is one of those factors, which means whether the printer is compatible to the  POS system your are using, connected to your cash drawer. Most of receipt  printers on the market works well with Windows system. But it may be not the  same story while using in IOS, Android or Linux system. So You must read the  product’s specification to ensure its compatibility with your devices.
Here  are some differences between 58 thermal printer and 80 thermal printer

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