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Can Normal Paper be Used in Thermal Printer ?


Can Normal Paper be Used in Thermal Printer?
It is common that many users have the  question “ Can they put normal papers into thermal printer? ”. However, the  answer to this question is “ no”. Thermal paper is the only media that can be  used in thermal printer. Because the working principle of thermal printer is  that its printing head heats the thermal paper impregnated with a chemical to  generate pictures or characters.

One thing you should pay attention to is  that thermal printer can usually print black or blue.

What if want to use normal paper to print receipt ?
 It is true that normal paper costs less  than that of thermal paper. And you can print receipts with a inkjet printer.  But it require the other extra cost-- Ink replacement. Meanwhile, inkjet  printer usually prints slower than thermal do.


Which one is better ?
 It really depends on your needs. If you  like to add your logo or other elements to brand your company on receipt.  Thermal printing should be your ideal solution because inkjet printer may only  print text receipt only.

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