At the beginning of the New Year of choose and buy home printer how to lay their hands on _ printing equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-05-04
For the majority of home users, printers are what is not strange, but when asked what the printer and life relations but no clear answer. Often meet need to print at home would not hesitate to open the first sales volume of jingdong search, did you ever know that many of the first electricity are brush out? Wide variety of printed products which is suitable for household? Of course it also depends on what you need, then we can classify accordingly for you the most suitable for your home printing products.

low direction of choose and buy one: looks at levels

you also don't say, really have a lot of tides mom dad just looks at levels of choose and buy products. Abandon restoring ancient ways, of course, not to mention, in today's era of industrial designer can definitely won't be so have no vision. How can let parents or children first impression is to attract and designers but the vision and a lot of kung fu. Take the 2015 HP a home models that do STH unconventional or unorthodox, you have to boast designer rocks a sea.

HP's new home models 3838 and 3638 two

HP this mysterious designer has brought a big surprise indeed, angular and abandoned the previous printer line is single, the style of color dignified, the vitality, nature, affinity, and other elements into the design. When the two models listed favored by many consumers. Such a high level of product appearance is put in modern home must be won't destroy your whole harmony of interior design. And, these two models on the performance is also very good, small make up behind when it comes to home when photo printer, also want to pull the 3638 on the list!

low direction of choose and buy 2: spell price

small make up believe there are a lot of consumer is when the choose and buy only practical and affordable! Indeed, everyone has one price, according to which side which side is low at high and clear. But in the face of printed products such late produces consumables cost items, how to measure the late fee is a big deal! Small make up often listen to some users complain that the cartridges you can put the machine directly to throw away and buy a! Indeed, many manufacturers introduced a seemingly controlled printer, but always play for several copies in the cartridge, but ask businessman, change the ink cartridge and controlled, so feel is not worthwhile.

of course, many vendors are introduced for ink expensive problem so-called high-capacity ink warehouse products, but for home users only once n long print, the trunk of the ink is too waste, but also to face without risk of plug for a few days. So when the choose and buy a bargain must sharpen the eyes, the early and late are economical of choose and buy products. Small make up tip: in a bullish on the right printer, must have a look at the price of the ink cartridge!

low direction of choose and buy 3: high quality picture exclusive

specially designed for photo printer is not in the minority, possible consumer knows the business, know the more color toner cartridge for the printer to print out pictures of colour and lustre and quality will be better, so he appeared before we hear the 12 color printer, 9 color printer, and so on. If not, of course, the average family users for photography has a fever to burn money usually won't buy that kind of thousands of millions of the printer.

HP 3638 pictures of print quality

for home users to print average life pictures, small make up recommend HP 3638 will focus on home all-in-one. As the same as home models of a few hundred dollars, only the 3638 can present the most perfect color when printing photos and hierarchy ( Is no advertising! Small make up test experience! )

overall, we are currently on the market of home models on the speed and quality are about the same, when the choose and buy is no need to mention print speed and so on some performance issues. Only in terms of price, appearance and printing quality, a comprehensive consideration, choose their favorite price is acceptable for their actual models. Small make up here, of course, be sure to remind you, don't buy on the market of the so-called modification and counterfeit cartridges, not only want to print quality, sometimes incalculable disaster will happen.

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