Common sense and distinguish method of heat transfer with carbon _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-06-09

carbon belt way of components is introduced for thermal transfer barcode printer, you need a special information such as the color words lead to the barcode and print on the label. This kind of special ribbon ( Commonly known as carbon belt) , generally by the basal membrane, heat resistant coatings, printing ink coating of three parts. Basement membrane is the carrier of ribbon, usually choose 4. 5μ M thick polyester film, its directly affect the elongation of carbon belt strength, thickness and application field; Main effect is heat insulation and heat resistant coating reduces friction and reduce the print head from dust, and can protect the print head, prolong the service life of the print head; Ink coating composed of pigment, resin, wax, additives, and other elements, which affect the quality of ribbon, print, heat transfer temperature, the color of the ribbon, imprinting of frictional resistance and other main performance, is the core of the ribbon, the commonly used black ribbon with carbon powder in the ink composition, this also is this ribbon is often referred to as carbon belt. Working principle of the thermal transfer with carbon carbon belt on the thermal transfer printer, heat resistant coatings with direct contact heat transfer, thermal transfer printing ink and printing substrates ( The label) , direct contact heat transfer head instantaneous heat at work, put the hot heat transfer through heat resistant coatings and basement membrane for thermal transfer printing ink coating, printing ink melt by the hot stamping on substrates, form the text and images. High quality ribbon on its heat transfer no thermal transfer ink residue after heating.

the classification of carbon belt ( 1) Carbon belt from the winding way points can be divided into carbon and carbon, carbon is refers to ink in a belt shaft contact with carbon and carbon is no ink side in contact with the shaft. General bar code printer with two kinds of carbon, can be used only by the individual printers can be used at a fixed carbon and within or outside of carbon carbon belt.

( 2) Carbon belt from the use of printers print head can be divided into flat type carbon belt and side pressure type carbon belt, respectively for the printer and printer side pressure. Two kinds of carbon belt can't be mixed.

( 3) From the chemical composition of carbon belt ( Material) Divided into three types: wax base, mixed and resin based. General wax base carbon belt refers to the 70% of paraffin carbon belt, mixed base carbon belt refers to the paraffin wax and trees proportion each accounted for 50% of the carbon belt, resin matrix carbon belt refers to the proportion less than 50% of paraffin carbon belt. Wax gezer belt has the characteristics of high sensitivity, high resolution, high density, wide applicability, such as plain paper, coated paper, rough paper, glossy paper, coated paper, synthetic paper, etc. ; Mixed gezer with dirt resistance, high definition, high resolution, wide applicability, suitable for all kinds of labels, such as smooth paper, coated paper, coated paper, synthetic paper, PET, PVC, etc. ; Resin gezer with has excellent scratch resistance, dirt resistance, solvent resistance, high resolution, etc. , applicable to all kinds of labels, especially all kinds of polyester and plastic tags, such as synthetic paper, PVC, PET, care label, etc.

carbon with specifications: generally speaking, carbon belt is a fixed length, the most commonly used in length is 300 meters, there are 90 meters, 450 meters and 600 meters long product. Choose carbon belt is to consider the printer and the material of the non-drying label, if bad cooperation, might not ideal printing effects. When choosing carbon belt, general carbon belt width will be slightly wider than the bottom of the label paper, if the purpose is to protect the print head. Such as when we label print 65 mm wide, usually choose carbon with 70 mm wide. With carbon price of carbon price is based on area computation, generally in square meters for the unit. Wax base carbon with the lowest price, highest resin base price. Generally with carbon belt width multiplied by the length of the carbon belt, can calculate the area of the carbon belt. If still on carbon belt not familiar, call 400 - 700 - 9007 for more information, or sales personnel, please give the right advice.

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