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Direct Thermal Printing VS Thermal Transfer Printing


Direct Thermal Printer VS Thermal Transfer  Printing

There are usually two ways of thermal  printing : Direct Thermal Printing and Thermal Transfer Printing. However, it  may confuse some users that what the difference are between these two printing  method ?

Direct thermal prints images by heating the  thermal paper which requires no ribbon. The advantage of direct thermal  printing is that zero ribbon installation which saves your cost. Others, direct  thermal printing prints more clear images. Being easy and convenient is the  features of direct thermal label printers. However, direct thermal label  printing has its disadvantage -- The image it prints will die away as time goes  by or be exposed to high temperature environments.


Transfer thermal label printer prints with  ribbon which will add the cost when you use it. But with ribbon printing, the  label can resist the effects of being in a high temperature or other harsh  environments which keeps as clear as if it is just printed, especially using  Resin-made ribbon.


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