Enterprise how to choose and buy a printer? 'save' and 'good' is the key _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-06-11

in recent years, with the diversification of office printing equipment, color printing, printing, wireless intelligent to print and other specialty printing function of products can be found everywhere, while providing consumers with more choice may also make a person dazzling. Comes at a time of office equipment and a group of purchasing peak, it is believed that many enterprises in the face of a wide variety of products are fraying. Actually want to choose to suit your printer is not difficult, regardless of the special features, a device and two basic conditions for as long as meet the province can be trustworthy products.

cost advantage for the enterprise in province winner

many small and medium-sized enterprises, especially start-ups, from the early stages of development is very cost-conscious. Printing equipment of the province is not only reflected in the cost of purchase, cost of consumables and maintenance are also worthy of attention.

from the Angle of the purchase cost, a device has more than one function is the choice of the province. First, today's multi-function equipment generally have many functions such as printing, photocopying, scanning, a device can be flexibly to solve multiple tasks, the price also than single purchase these single-use equipment total cost is much lower, very economical. Second, a device needed to occupy a smaller space resources, can effectively reduce the space of the enterprise cost pressure.

printing devices due to the late most of the spending is the result of its use cost, so the consumables are problems we need to consider and drum unit with large capacity design of black and white laser printer supplies is the cheapest. In addition, many products are currently on the market has a provincial ink function, can be in the process of long-term use of intangible to save a large amount of consumables, effectively reduce the printing cost. So enterprises when choosing printer, must pay attention to whether the machine has a provincial ink function fully, and perfect after-sales service, so that in the future days more worry.

as stable quality to show every detail

now that satisfy the basic requirement of the enterprise cost leadership, the key is good. Good means that products have good quality, this is mainly embodied in two aspects, one is the performance of the product itself, the second is its actual output effect.

performance of the product itself in its efficiency and stability. A high efficiency, high stability of the printer will not only help enterprises to improve the work efficiency, also can effectively reduce the error of the frequency. It is understood that for an imaging laser printers, memory size is decided to print speed and stability of an important indicator, so many products are currently on the market began to expand its memory, so it can provide users with efficient and stable printing services.

printing equipment the quality of the output is the users concerned about another focus. High quality file is not only pleasing, but also can enhance the accuracy of the details, so as to guarantee the quality of work. It is understood that the vendors on the market now is by raising its own technical strength, to gradually improve the quality of printing products, in order to bring fraction finish high quality printing effect. But in the context of the actual results, many vendors detail processing is not enough perfect, technical level still remains to be improved.

recently, combines many functions in one of the samsung # # # # FormatImgID_3 FormatImgID_2 SCX - 4821 hn / 4621 ns laser all-in-one emerged from black and white. Both adopt large-capacity drum unit design, have a number of energy conservation and environmental protection function, can effectively reduce the toner usage, reduce the printing cost per page, also has a one-year door-to-door service throughout the country. More surprise is that the printer in the two reached a rare on the market 128 MB memory, can greatly improve the printing efficiency and stability. In addition, samsung clean page rendering engine ( ReCP) Technology can automatically adjust the image and the characters of contour edge, eliminate noise and improve the overall print quality, clean and clear print effect.

look back the printer market these days, with various features of the product emerge in endlessly, make the whole industry presents flowers boom. But regardless of the future market will evolve, province and good is the fundamentality of unchanged forever, like the samsung SCX - 4821 hn / 4621 ns two products, they will become the enterprise office purchasing a good choice.

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