General characteristics of the micro printer _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-05-06

the micro printer from the data transmission way classification: wireless micro printer and micro printer cable. Wireless micro is using infrared or bluetooth technology in data communication, micro play cable data communication via the serial or parallel way, of course, usually play with wireless micro serial or parallel port, you can through the way of the cable for data communications. Because of special printers use scope is narrow, so it is not difficult to choose and buy, so the following discussion of the characteristics of various general micro printer, for you choose and reference.

a, pin type micro printer: needle type micro printer type common micro printer, domestic useful early Epson print head ( Printing machine) Production of products. Needle is playing a good print documents can be preserved for a long time, of course, you choose and buy of ink on the ribbon must be good quality, so those used in a lot of convenience stores are injection, and because the pin type print head control is simple, cheaper panel solution can be used to produce, so cheaper. But needles and also has many disadvantages: large noise, slow speed of print, the print head loss fast, often need to change the ribbon, because of its principle, these are insurmountable.

2, micro printer: thermal needle type micro printer type is also more common micro printer, but better than pin type micro printer out later. Thermal printers print speed, low noise, mechanical consumption is rare in the print head, and don't need the ribbon, dispense with the trouble that change the ribbon. But it also has disadvantages, because it is using a thermal paper, so cannot be stored indefinitely, in the dark can be saved under the condition of one to five years, there are also long-term thermal paper can save ten years.

three, wireless micro printer: there is no line of miniature printer now most is the IrDA technology are used, but due to the IrDA agreement is complicated, so generally no integrated IrDA protocols in the printer, just can use ir port at the physical layer to simulate the serial port for data transmission, but it also bring other infrared equipment provides a convenient, because a lot of equipment is also no integrated with infrared IrDA protocols, so the equipment can and infrared micro by ir port to communicate with the printer. Wireless the biggest advantage is that can realize the wireless micro printer to print, and convenient, especially if you need to realize printing function in the outdoor, the convenience is more prominent, but the infrared printing also has its disadvantages, is the accuracy of the data transmission, because there is no integrated IrDA agreements, so if the poor anti-interference ability of the infrared interface, the accuracy of the data transmission cannot be guaranteed. Now some of the companies in China such as knitting industry has breached the IrDA through science and technology, the production of miniature printing machine adopts IrCOMM ( IrCOMM is IrDA protocol in application layer in the virtual serial port of a protocol) While IrCOMM is many portable infrared equipment ( Such as POCKET PC) Support agreement with IrCOMM, users do not have to worry about the accuracy of the data transmission and so on.

4, micro printer cable: compared with wireless micro printer, the higher the reliability of data transmission, but if use in mobile printing, will become very inconvenient.

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