In full bloom: Chinese label printer development _ printing equipment problems in various industries

by:Xprinter     2020-05-05
Using the application property of adhesive, the adhesive printing understood as a security information of the carrier, the application scope is more common, widely, especially the application of personalized information more broad prospects. PVC stickers special material understand now the non-drying label consumption per capita in China is still less than 1 square meters/year. Thus, the non-drying label market development space is very big still. Electronic home appliance industry of China's home appliance industry development speed is more than 20% a year, because of the high demand for electronic products label and the diversity of product application, has been to the adhesive industry growth are of great market space. From a computer keyboard, mouse, hard disk to the transformer, all full of adhesive labels, tags have the function of the warning and brand publicity, these labels and large number per unit area, the world's laptop mouse label provided by Japan sealex company 70%. Household electrical appliances in China urban family of penetration rate is higher, popularization ratio is lower in the countryside. With the further popularity of the household appliances in Chinese households, will drive the durability of the non-drying label requirements. In addition IT products rapidly ( Major is computer, electronic communication products) , identifying the non-drying label as its products will have extensive application, which led to the demand of the non-drying label. Pharmaceutical industry SARS event of explosive pharmaceutical industry demand, although is accidental, but the pharmaceutical industry itself in high speed development period. At present, there are more than 6000 at the national pharmaceutical factory, state for the pharmaceutical industry in the future packaging demand is higher and higher, brush paste the label of the packing will be replaced by adhesive, the growth of the high-speed automatic labeling machine, will also speed up the application of the adhesive. Pharmaceutical industry will be more and more use the non-drying label. As the non-prescription drugs on the counter sales, pharmaceutical manufacturers and consumers pay more attention to drug packaging, largely prompted pharmaceutical production enterprises to speed up the transform traditional label to self-adhesive label. Supermarkets and logistics industry with the development of the market economy, China's retail industry is developing at the speed of extraordinary. Chinese commercial retail and catering industry above designated chain enterprises 1232, store a total of 34551. More and more demand for variable information printing labels, such as supermarket fresh food due to its velocity of circulation and has been a lucrative mohican, thermal label so had the very big development space. And like a luggage tag, the supermarket price tags, storage and transportation, etc have now account for dry glue label more than 40% of the total market demand. Now the logistics industry is an emerging industry, the domestic many large and medium-sized cities all want to play the role of logistics center, using the barcode for production management and logistics management, the label is the basic, when tasted barcode management benefits, adhesive industry brought infinite business opportunities. At present, some policies and regulations of the state on the adhesive application also provides market space, such as the import product need to be labeled with English description, country of origin marking, etc. , are all stickers printing provides business opportunities. And, as the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine regulations, starting from the third quarter of 2003, meat products, dairy products, beverages, condiments, frozen food, instant noodles, biscuits, canned, frozen food, puffed food 10 human food began to implement the market access system, the factory must be labeled with QS. In addition, the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine regulations, the national class 132 products (19 Involved in electronics, electrical appliances, air conditioner, etc) To implement compulsory certification ( 即3 c:中国CompulsonyCertification) , as of August 1, 2010, all the factory is not allowed without 3 c compulsory certification logo and entering the circulation field sales. All these, give the non-drying label printing factory has provided a broad business opportunities and market. Enjoy embellish electronic network will provide the market with the most professional the most convenient and practical, better meet the market demand.
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