Knowledge is introduced about the micro printer _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-04-28
Now there are a lot of micro printer, each have their own scope of application. Contains many kinds of micro printer. The micro printer is widely used in various industries, such as instruments and meters, supermarkets, convenience stores, postal, banking, tobacco monopoly, utility meter reading, mobile police system, mobile e-government system, and so on. Knowledge is introduced about the micro printer: print wide: printer can print paper size, for micro printer, typed as wide. Printing paper width: the micro printer can print width of the paper. Print width: the width of the miniature printer to print area. The print driver: refers to the application on the computer need to print identification of the data interpretation into a miniature printer can print control language program. Printer paper: micro printer can print within a certain range of thickness of paper, known as the printer paper, typed if over or inadequate printer paper will produce many problems, such as not into paper, cardboard, print quality is poor and so on. Built-in word stock: built-in character which printer stored in nonvolatile memory word stock, when printing documents word stock if already exists in the printer, computer to the printer will be decreased and the transmission of data, improve the printing speed. Into the mode of paper: printing paper in the printer movement way, by means of which commonly used laser printers, inkjet printers, and the micro printer friction into paper, desktop needles and generally USES the friction at the same time into the paper and roll Kong Jin paper in two ways. Printing control command: computer through print control language, by the method of software commands to control the printer operation, explain to perform print data, get the printing results. In terms of functions of complex for the printer to print out control language is the foundation. It is directly related to the merits of the printing quality of input. Paper cutting ways: micro printer for use in the paper, after the printing, paper still unused, part of the need to print off, early are hand tore the paper, there are now part of the printer is rely on machines to tearing, become automatic paper cutting, automatic paper cutting is divided into the cut ( From the end of the printed parts all cut down) Cut, in part, Cut from the end of the printing area most, only a small part of the paper is linked together, this is to prevent the user didn't hold printing paper, and paper flying about cases) 。
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