Merchants parsing industrial bar code printer market development prospects will be better and better _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-04-27

fast economic development in our country in recent years, the fast expanding the scale of the industry and service industry. And enterprises to become more and more familiar with the application of information management, industrial bar code printer market demand of the future will continue to increase, the market outlook will continue to improve. From early stranger for information management, the introduction of bar code technology for a foreign Chinese enterprises as late. But with the acceleration of industrialization process in recent years, domestic enterprises begin to realize the bar code technology applied in the delivery, sales link when sweeping a bargain and save time cost, to reduce the error rate on warehouse management advantages, such as the increasing popularity of the practical application of barcode technology in commerce and industry, including retail, manufacturing, health care, logistics and other industries, to enhance working efficiency by using barcode system gradually. This phenomenon, to further promote the vigorous development of industrial bar code printer market.

the government push in recent years, through the commodity bar code to establish a unified food safety traceability system, still include code range of food including meat and poultry, vegetables, fruits, aquatic products, processed foods, and other fields, and continues to expand. And driven by the Ministry of Commerce of meat food traceability system, pilot cities, 50 to 2015, has covered more than 2000 circulation enterprises, is the industrial bar code printer market continues to do great. Whole barcode printer market scale, since 2008 has been on the rise, the market is in growth stage. And bar code technology in the practical application is still not fully covering all fields, the market has room to grow. Future industrial bar code printer market, with the increase of demand, continue to have new suppliers to enter. 2013 industrial bar code printer in total sales amount has reached nearly 1 billion, and the main market share occupied by the foreign manufacturers. Including Zebra, Zebra, SATO, TEC, Intermec sales of higher-priced well-known brands, such as in the leading position in the market. Current small firms with low cost advantage in the market still occupy a certain share, but with the requirements of customers of the bar code technology is more extensive application, the bar code printer quality and maintenance and other after-sales service, will gradually beyond price considerations. Industrial bar code printer supplier, more attention to the quality of product, and the improvement of the overall after-sale service system, will be the future can be the key to survival in the market.

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