Uv printers in the process of how to solve the problem of the smell of the light oil _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2020-04-30
We are in the process of uv printers use, often can smell some exciting feeling, sometimes also can appear discomfort, is often think this is normal phenomenon, because most people understand this is a form of printer hazards. Big cheng chi think actually not light, because some printed smell can be resolved, mainly depends on those factors. A, dry uv light oil curing incomplete solution: can decrease the printing speed, or enlarged light source power. Second, uv printer uv light source is insufficient or lamp aging solution: replacement, select the appropriate light source power. Currently using high pressure mercury lamp, the average service life in 1000 hours, with the use of light, the electrode gradually decompose, bulb to produce deposits, its transparency and ultraviolet transparent rate will gradually decline, so regularly to test the lamp, there is something wrong with the replacement tubes in time, to ensure that the UV ink curing completely. In addition, UV lamp and put right is also must pay attention to. Should not be holding a UV lamp quartz glass ontology, or skin oils will stick on quartz glass; But can only hold ceramic end, or wear a linen cloth gloves. Whenever you come into contact with the UV lamp, can be used after contact with an alcohol swab cleaning solvent, can remove the grease of the tubes. 3, uv printers use light oil antioxidant interference ability difference solution: strengthen the workshop ventilation, exhaust ( The wind) System. Four, uv printer light oil china-africa reactive diluent to join too many solution: must replace the uv light oil varieties when necessary. UV light oil is a transparent body, ultraviolet light from the upper to the lower without any obstacles. Test the quality condition, the UV light oil with brush besmear in the surface of ordinary white paper or white cardboard, coating thickness of 0. About 5 mm or slightly thicker, under UV light curing. If the cured coating surface without any air bubbles, surface smoothness is very high, that the purchased UV light oil quality is good.
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