warning don\'t dare to miss these weirdest software defects

by:Xprinter     2019-11-12
As a tester, you will encounter tricky practices of software while performing tests.
While each type of defect should be taken into account in the software tests you experience, it is important to recognize whether the error is a real defect or a defect.
Taking all the factors into account, it is difficult to distinguish between software product defects or defects, as it requires testers to understand the accuracy of the functionality of the software product.
Although, basically, software defects are deviations from the prerequisites that lead to the failure of the software product.
This does not mean that there is a bug in the code.
It can be any capacity identified in the software requirements specification record but not perceived, created or executed by the developer.
Software products then run in a strange way.
From the customer\'s point of view, some common examples of software test defects are as follows: Scenario 1: Software products will enable customers to use debit cards for online installment payments.
Defect: the alternative to selecting debit card installment payment does not exist.
Situation 2: Software products help me avoid spelling mistakes.
Defect: there is no component that distinguishes spelling errors.
Shielding defects are the type of software error that is officially present in the software product.
However, it does not cause the software test performed by the application to fail, mainly because it is protected or covered up by other types of defects in the software test.
Covered defects are often difficult to identify, because they are not recognized until the real source of defects in the software test that hides it is revealed or performs a specific operation.
The shielding defect is explained according to the main situation that the application has not been tested with DMP, including the auxiliary two problems.
The DMP printer search DMP printing application is reliably ignored to select a laser printer because DMP printing defects are never recognized.
Therefore, the print of DMP is covered up.
Defect cascade in software testing, defect cascade means activation of different types of defects in software testing of the application.
When the cause of the software defect is not distinguished or ignored at the time of testing, it produces different types of software defects.
Therefore, various functional defects in software testing will appear in the later stage.
At the end of the day, it is a major defect that attaches many of the defects associated with it to all stages of the application\'s lifecycle.
In order to calculate the monthly salary of the representative, an illustration of the application cascading defect has been conveyed.
The module responsible for calculating the salary has an unknown type of defect in software testing.
So it miscalculated the salary.
This prompts the database to transfer base wage numbers, which are also reflected in key balance sheets, tax calculations, and annual salary calculations.
In any case, defect-level Federation continuously affects the different capacity in the application, and it will eventually become very difficult to distinguish the affected work.
To clarify the problem, you can do some unique experiments;
However, it is troublesome and tedious.
As testers, you can select a subset of various test cases and execute them without tapping the interdependent relationship between test cases.
A potential defect is an overlay defect in a software product and the user will not distinguish it until the operation arrangement is not performed.
When a software product is dependent on performing a specific task in an inconsistent situation or in a strange situation, such defects in software testing are identified.
This production defect in software testing usually occurs with the software product during the generation process, and will appear in
Production test.
Description of potential defect printing application for worker payroll, which provides two unique printer alternatives that can be printed in the drop-down list: laser printer by default, the laser printer can be reliably selected by the application.
Therefore, no matter when the print order starts, the print output will leave the laser printer.
When the app can\'t find the laser printer, it tries to discover DMP.
The app tries to print using a dot matrix printer, but gives the problem message over and over again.
Since potential defects in the application have never been tested on the point matrix printer, and since this has never been encountered while using a laser printer, this defect is masked.
This means that at the time of testing, never experienced the situation mentioned earlier.
As a tester, it is difficult to know whether this is an error in the work of a software product or a fluctuation in the functionality of a software product.
Subsequently, it is critical to understand the different types of defects in software testing and to implement test cases that are appropriate to identify them.
While shielding defects, defect cascades, and potential defects have the ability to be clearly the main cause of customer disruption, you can overcome these problems by using standardized programs and the latest software testing tools.
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