What are the advantages of the laser printers have? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-07-08
Laser printer based on laser typesetting technology, in the late 80 s, popular in the mid - 90 - s. It is combining laser scanning technology and electronic photographic techniques of print output devices. Its basic principle is from binary data by computer information, through the video controller is transformed into video signal, again by video interface/control system, the video signal is converted into a laser drive signal, and then produced by the laser scanning system with character information of laser beam, finally make the laser beam by the electrophotographic system imaging and transfer to the paper. Printing equipment, the other is laser printer to print speed, high image quality; But the cost is relatively high. What is the advantage of the laser printer? Below together to get to know: 1, the printing effect is the best in all the printers, almost to the level of printing, this is also its biggest advantages; 2, printing speed, low noise, can be quiet working environment; 3, a large number of printing, the printing costs an average minimum 4, single-sided and double-sided printing speed; 5, double-sided paper, no manual flip paper, easy to complete the duplex printing; 6, the machine itself cheap low noise, no dust.
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