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by:Xprinter     2023-08-19
Label printer has been widely used in many occasions, such as shopping malls supermarkets to print receipts, invoices, and the print the VAT invoice for the company's financial printer, etc. , there are a lot of USES: such as the traffic police at the scene of a ticket with portable paper printers, financial check printer. In short, the paper printer is used for printing all kinds of special paper printer. Paper printer external cleaning method: whenever cleaning paper printer, make sure the printer is in power, otherwise, you may encounter when cleaning the printer. Dip in with soft cotton cloth to clean the printer ink cartridges, a small amount of alcohol wipe gently roller, too hard scrubbing up less than the effect of cleaning. Processing paper printer residual ink spots and stains, first of all, dip in with cotton cloth with a little alcohol or clean water feed axis, dipped in the liquid will not be absorbed by the cotton cloth or paper shaft, or printer will be corroded or damaged. Remember, don't use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust inside the label printer, it will completely to printer, the best way is you can use the printer comes, the features of the automatic cleaning after start the function, will clean inside the printer. One thousand in case, if you use alcohol, water and cotton cloth is not very convenient, there is a little skill, is that you can be typed in sprinkle with a little liquid, then put the paper into the printer and then press the paper button, so repeatedly, reach the role of clean paper axis. In this paper, the paper printer external cleaning methods are summarized, the hope can help you!
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