What are the non-drying label material _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2023-08-30
Status quo of our daily life, the various types of packaging are often see all kinds of self-adhesive label sticker or film, then the non-drying label actually have? The non-drying label material what kind? What's the use of the non-drying label? Self-adhesive materials application range is very wide. According to its application features basically divided into two categories, namely, decoration materials and trademark materials. 1) decorate use the non-drying label materials. Give priority to with thin film materials, such as decorative decal on the automobile, motorcycle, the identity of the text on shop Windows, reflective film on the highway, the mark in the container, etc. This kind of material is commonly, can use outdoor; Using special adhesive, good weathering resistance and corrosion resistance; Normally not printing or silk screen printing only. Machining method for computer lettering or die cutting, there are all sorts of color. (2) the trademark self-adhesive label materials. Is given priority to with paper and film, so the non-drying label printing mainly divided into paper self-adhesive label printing and film adhesive label printing, in terms of small batch the non-drying label, domestic self-adhesive label according to the range of application is divided into basic tag and variable information: a. Base labels include: food and beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, office supplies, toys, shampoo, electrical appliances, sanitary products and other goods with the tag. b。 Variable message labels include: batch number, order code, bar code, production date, validity, price, mailing process information processing, distribution, warehouse management, inventory data, and so on.
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