What is commodity bar code application process? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-04-13
Commodity bar code of goods & quot; Id & quot; , bar code is the basis of the modernization of commercial goods, commodities into the super market, POS scanning a place in the store. Hypermarket in the tens of thousands of kinds of commodities with their respective barcodes can easily distinguish. Bar code number itself does not contain commodity price information. Commodity barcode application range: applicable to all retail goods, such as: food, drink, smoke, specialty, clothing, supplies, etc. All products related to our lives. The classification of the commodity bar code: 1, the standard code: made up of 13 digits standard code 2, shorten code: composed of eight digit shorten code, only when the standard code exceeds 25% of the total printing area, are allowed to declare to shorten code commodity bar code for the required information: 1, the company's business license; 2, the company organization legal code certificate; Chapter 3, the company the original; 4, 'China commodity bar code application for manufacturers identification code registration, contact our staff. Commodity bar code registration process: 1, preparing materials: all the relevant documents ready; 2, pay cost: pay related fees, certificate; 3, submit data: data will be ready to document submitted to relevant departments; 4, the preliminary stage: the applicant's application materials by the local branch coding center after preliminary examination, eligible data, by signing coding center branch and submitted to the examination and approval of article numbering center of China. 5, the approval stage: article numbering center of China's information and receiving the application for preliminary examination qualified applicant to pay the fees after, to really meet the requirements of the regulations, approved and registered to the applicant article numbering center of China manufacturer identification code, and inform the branches. 6, registration completed: the applicant issued by the China commodity bar code system member certificate and the original film. 7, processing time: 15 working days after submitting data.
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