What is the mode paper into the paper for the printer? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2023-08-19
Label printer is essential in the office, belongs to the special printer paper printers, it also has a special role. What is the mode paper into the paper for the printer? Below small make up for your explanation: friction into paper: paper friction into general use of continuous roll type printing paper, typed by printer paper roller friction, general thermal printers and narrow line of stylus printer adopts the method in the paper. To hole in the paper: similar to the way of film camera internal rolls of film, printer paper on the wheel and the paper into the tooth hole occlusion, motor drive into the paper wheel rotation, in turn, drives the printer into the paper. Flat push paper: paper is actually the friction into flat propulsion, but not into the paper completely automatic, is to rely on artificial push the sheet of paper to the specified location, and then typed printer will through the roll of paper inside turn it into a printer, typed after the print will be sent out again. Adopt the way of advancing the paper printer is usually referred to as horizontal pushing type paper printer. For label printer is the most important part of the print head, high stability of the print head for longer service life, heat resistance, working time and persistent; In addition a variety of interfaces, liquid crystal control panel design can satisfy the user's various requirements; All steel frame design, the structure is solid, stable and durable performance; Compact structure design better save space and so on a series of is when printer this office equipment of choose and buy must consider the factors.
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