Wuxi label printing factory: what are the classification of barcode label? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-04-22

barcode label paper can be divided into: coated paper tags: commonly used raw materials of the bar code printer, its thickness is usually about 80 g. Widely used in supermarket, inventory is dealt with, clothing tag, industrial production line, and so on coated paper label dosage more local. Barcode label for many years to sell with ou DE force status, the eli paper in the domestic and foreign brands, Japan's oji paper users reflect the best, especially the United States eli copperplate paper label best function, its ultra smooth coated paper, white is the excellent target material thermal transfer printing.

senior PET label paper: PET is the abbreviation of polyester film, actually it is a kind of polymer material. PET has a good hard brittle, its common colors with silver, white, bright white, etc. According to the thickness of 25 times ( 1 = 1 um) , 50 times, 75 times, such as specification, which related to the manufacturer's actual needs. Because PET excellent dielectric function, has excellent anti-fouling, scratch-resistant, high temperature resistance, and other functions, it is widely used in a variety of special occasions, such as mobile phone batteries, computer monitors, air conditioning compressor, etc. In addition, PET paper has good biodegradable natural, has increasingly led to the manufacturer's attention.

senior PVC label paper, PVC is the abbreviation of vinyl, it is also a kind of high polymer materials, of common color white, pearl white. PVC and PET function approached, it has outstanding flexibility than PET, feel soft, are often used in jewelry, jewelry, clocks, electronics, metals and some other occasion. But poor degradability of PVC, has a negative effect on environment protection, some developed countries abroad have begun to research and development in this area instead of goods. Thermal paper: paper material, the high heat sensitive thermosensitive coating treated high sensitivity of the surface material can be used to print head, low voltage so little wear and tear on the print head. , according to the thermal paper is dedicated to the electronic cash register of a thermal paper, thermal paper test the most short way: use nails on the paper, leaving a black scratches. Thermal paper is suitable for cold storage, freezers and other shelves sign, its scale is mostly fixed within 40 mmx60mm, etc.

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