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Can I Create My Own Pos Hardware ?

Can I Create My Own Pos Hardware ?


POS system hardware seems to be a must device if you have a business. It helps to process your cusotomers' orders and you can also attain valuable data, helping to understand your customers' demands and manage

your vendor. But to some extent, POS hardware is a big investment, especially you are a start-up. Can you create your own POS hardware? 

Building Your Own POS with Android Phone ?

      In fact, it is easy to build your simple POS system with your Android phone since there are so many POS App available. Before building your POS, you may purchase a portable receipt printer or a desktop receipt printer that helps to print shopping receipt for your customers.

      Select a POS App fitting your business and paired with your prepared receipt printer, now you has finished a simple POS hardware. It is recommended to use if you are a personal e-commerce shop owner, which need not to have an elegant POS hardware on cashier desk. 

Building Your Own POS with Tablet

      If you do need a POS hardware standing in front of your customers. It is an option that you can create POS hardware with your tablet. What you need to prepare ? 

  1. A tablet or an ipad 

  2. An POS stand

  3. A receipt printer (make sure it can be put into the tablet stand).

  4. Network cable

    If is cost-saving if you have a discarded iPad or tablet. you can DIY your POS hardware.

    Here we use our 80 mm receipt printer -- XP-T890H to show how to create your own POS hardware.

POS printer

Put the network cable and power cable of the printer through the stand hole as shown below;

receipt printer

Connect the cables to the printer;

thermal printer

80 POS printer

printer stand

Put the printer to the stand and clip your ipad on the stand

Connect  your ipad with your printer using printer finder ( The printer need to be on the same Lan network with your ipad.)

Check the connection tutorial from here.

Print a testing receipt to ensure all connection finished. Now you have created your onw POS hardware.

cashier printer

Building Your POS Hardware Tutorial: 

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