The non-drying label material selection and purchasing guide _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-06-30
The face of the self-adhesive label materials materials

the non-drying label materials with the most surface is divided into the paper class and chemical film class.

common surface sheets and characteristics are as follows:

1, offset paper,

, also known as writing paper, paper making, for without coating processing inferior smooth paper surface, the general application of monochrome printing or printing, bar code label information, also can be written directly.

2, coated paper,

as the coated paper, paper surface coating treatment of glossy paper medium, high smoothness, surface brightness is lower than the mirror coated paper, under the currently used in color printing of pharmaceutical industry, food industry, is also a good thermal transfer bar code label printing material.

3, mirror coated paper

super pressure light processing, surface gloss is very high, applied to request printing color light product label. Like drugs, health products and other industries.

4, thermal paper

in common is the supermarket information label, large logistics companies are now applied to the thermal printer information label.

5, thermal transfer paper

developed specifically for thermal transfer printing self-adhesive label materials, tissue surface after special coating treatment, especially for the small barcode has excellent printing effect, so that when the bar code scanning products won't stop because of bar code breakpoints, bolt and does not recognize, and the tissue is not easy to change color, durable time is coated paper for a long time.

6, office of laser printer paper

the market is relatively common laser printers use offset paper material selection, but the high temperature and high speed printer, make the pressure sensitive adhesive under high temperature is easy to produce glue seepage failure, and easy to damage the printer, and a dedicated laser printing paper stickers can solve this problem. Some unusual paper self-adhesive label materials such as easy shredding, aluminum foil is used in food, health care products, such as alcohol products, etc.

7 polyethylene film, PE film, the surface has a bright white, white, bright silver and transparent, is relatively soft, water resistance, oil resistance, resistant to compression characteristic, should be applied in daily chemical products, such as shampoo, shower, etc.

8, PP film, polypropylene film surface is bright white, white, bright silver, transparent several, water resistance, oil resistance, good stiffness, etc. Super transparent PP self-adhesive label materials, because of high transparency, and on the transparent bottles, look have no labels visual effect. Also widely used in daily chemical products and cosmetics, etc.

9, PET film

polyester film, surface treated and untreated. Surface is bright white, white, transparent, and various after metallization process of bright silver, silver, etc. Because of the high stiffness, water resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance, etc, used in the plane of various kinds of electronic products, mechanical label materials.

10, PVC film

PVC film, PVC film, several surface has a transparent, white, white, such as water resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance, mainly used in chemical products. Has a shrinkage performance of PVC membrane can be used as cell shrinkage label materials.

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