Bar code printer offline print or online variety print 2 _ print equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-06-21
Print function 6: access control description: different production departments share a printer, print label format is different, and equipment management department also don't want anyone can literally change Settings. So will set different personnel through the input password to complete different operation of the printer. Application scenarios: production department operators to enter the password to print label, but you can't change printer Settings and tag Settings. Managers have a password, enter the password to print labels, also can change the label set, but you can't change printer Settings. Equipment management personnel have a password, the supreme authority can make all the changes on the printer. Print function 7: control peripherals description: bar code label printer can control other printer, labeling machine, packing machine and other external equipment. Application scenarios: for automatic production line, to integrate all the automation control equipment work there must be some like PLC, such as server backstage equipment, intelligent printer can replace the function of the backend server in some ways. Print function 8: standalone task description, bar code label printer can be the choice of a number of print tasks through button panel. Such as: the choice of the tag formats, the choice of a variety of printing. So as to realize multi-usage. Application scenarios: for printing factory, the staff of different department print label format and print way is different, which requires the printers have a menu selection for different needs of staff to choose the print tasks they need to print 9: the application of the IO module description: intelligent printer on automatic production line not only can trigger print foreign reception, adding the IO module of intelligent printer can also control other automation equipment. Application scenario: in automatic production line, equipped with the IO module of barcode label printers, induced by external sensor line products through, then automatically label print and issue instructions to the IO module with marking machine automatically label products. To print 10: Office support description: bar code label printer, of course, also can be like a traditional printer on the PC with a printing software after installing the driver of the barcode. InterDriver driver software in addition to providing a print driver under Windows, may also directly in Windows Office environment layout and print bar code labels. 11 print function: it contains time variable barcode description: traditional printer to print date and time variable, usually it is via print software clock to be obtained from the PC to printer for printing. Bar code label printer can be equipped with a real-time clock module to implement this function. To print 12: character extension description: bar code label printer with standard IC card slot, can be extended easily by means of adding CF card character. Application scenarios: bar code often have met to print Chinese characters, other languages, the special characters, such as demand, by adding cheap CF card, can put the need of extensions word stock, can satisfy the demands of various special bar code. Print function 13: SAP, QAD support description: have used SAP, QAD customers, can easily in a number of ways to bar code label printer connected to the system. Printer receive ERP system such as the packet at the same time, can give a feedback information through Fingerprint programming, data transmission, receipt, program interface protection, machine main board locking etc, so as to achieve the purpose of self-protection. Print function 14: everywhere print description: bar code label printer network interface standard, can be print jobs anywhere in the network coverage, from traditional centralized printing printing room model, from the bondage of the computer, you can really take the printer. Application scenarios: production sometimes need to change the production line design and location design, print position also needs to change accordingly. Customers increasingly need a printer to take away, anytime anywhere can timely response to production requirements. Print function 15: network centralized management description: bar code label printer network manager ( IPNM) Is a efficient software products. It can be centrally managed through the network remote printer. Users not only can monitor the status of the printer by the software, and you can set the alarm message is sent to the email trigger devices such as mobile phone, text a pager or personal computer. IPNM allows administrators to simplify tasks and reduce the cost of operation and maintenance in the network printer. Application scenarios: intelligent printer can be in a central location for the centralized management in the whole world. In order to make the most of the printer is more easy to manage, the printer can be grouped for alarm Settings. This is a unique Intermec printer network manager software. The administrator can to regional, business requirements ( Warehouse, manufacturing, office) , specific applications, or their own personal choice/set to sort printer into a team. Description: print function 16: save investment in traditional printing system each printer must be connected to a personal computer or terminal. If you use EasyLAN™ The network interface card will bar code printer connected to the network, increase the hardware cost and maintenance cost will be eliminated. Use the printing machine application server ( IPAS) Run the bar code printer can not only reduce the number of personal computers from the hardware, and label information can be directly from the host in the database in order to ensure the correctness of each print to be obtained. IPAS have forced priority alarm system can be the printer to minimize downtime.
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