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by:Xprinter     2020-05-06

there are many thermal type on the market use the fax machine is the thermal paper, thermal paper although cheap, but is still have a lot of fake and shoddy goods. The characteristics of these goods is: shorten the printing effect of the original has been very short retention period. This is because the fake and shoddy goods of the coating is very thin, easy damage and affect the stability, if the hosting environment owe good, and also be able to present these goods did not use the thermal paper early with the surrounding environment material response that cannot use.

according to the author's experience, if thermal paper white exaggerated, it expounds a jerry grave goods. Because the thermal paper coating material is not pure white, the white color is done after add too much fluorescent agent, with some copy paper is the same, these additives can attack response and thermal paper thermal coating and affect the stability, also can form the thermal coating thickness can not meet the requirements, shorten the printing effect of retention period. Good thermal paper appearance can see probably a bit of a small green or blackish green. Paper about lubrication, as far as possible with the goods the consistency and stability of the coating is pretty good.

other, in the inspection of time let's just as well in the paper the opposite with lighter heating in an instant, simulating a print ( Thermosensitive coating is heated up to change) , if some color change is very homogeneous thermal paper is heated, goods is good. If color is very shallow, clarify the goods quality is very often. If high ambient temperature contrast and no cigarette lighter, can draw on paper with his nails, scratch some same coloration can give the choose and buy of you refer to.

as for the retention time, scratch the paper with his nails, in contrast intense light and high temperature, the faster the color, the less stable, along with time is not too long, and clarify the coating thickness is not enough for this commodity.

with reference to the above, I hope everyone can choose the good quality of thermal paper. Top electronics is a professional manufacturer of supermarket equipment, from the cash register, bar code printers, electronic scale to the required consumables such as: label paper, thermal paper, bar code label paper, paper and a series of products, environmental protection type non-toxic materials, guarantee the health of human body, deeply customer high praise. Top thermal paper paper quality, surface smooth, smoothness & ge; 150年代( To protect the service life of the print head more than 100 km) , less dust, not easy to scratch thermal head. Print clear, after printing handwriting can be stored in more than one year don't rub off. Very suitable for cashier equipment use.

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