Printing consumables skills _ printing equipment problem of choose and buy

by:Xprinter     2020-06-04
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for individual users, have a can afford documents, images and photos output function of printer has gradually become a kind of need and trend. In a few years ago, ordinary people to buy a one thousand yuan of above inkjet printer is also known as a luxury thing, now just need hundreds of yuan to have a full scale, good performance of household, Type) Color pictures.

however, solve the problem of the printer, the problem of printing consumables and came out. Printing consumables products on the market now is more, plus do not understand some of the professional and technical, often when buy the manufacturer of a variety of personalized publicity make unprepared, don't know what to buy good products. In fact, individual users when printing consumables of choose and buy, as long as the comprehensive comparison of printing consumables printing effect, quality, material cost, after-sales service all four performance indicators, can quickly find the most suitable for their own printing consumables. Print effect many users when buying printing consumables, widespread such a psychological: to assign when buying the most expensive original consumables. In fact, for users, that can represent the material quality is printed effect, and understand the print effect is the most direct way is to put different brand consumables of rendering comparisons: if it is printed text, in addition to pay attention to color depth is uniform, are still to be seen whether the writing is clear, the print line break or not, whether the stroke must indeed; If it is to print pictures to observe graphic paper no corner o9ccf paper phenomenon, is whether administrative levels clear, have a partial color, or whether the phenomenon of distortion, transition color uniform nature, etc. By looking at the printed effect, if not professional, can very clearly to see whether the effect of the cartridge to print in line with their own needs. Product quality of printer print head after long time use, often appear nozzle clogging and print a white line, the phenomenon such as disconnection, splash, and longer duration of use the print head, more and more serious. Many times, people often put the problem for the quality of printing consumables reasons of unstable, but this problem may be due to long time not to use ink precipitation clogging the print head. So when choosing print consumables, ink ink droplets size and the degree of purity is very important. If the user choose the ink with good quality, can also extend the service life of the print head. How the quality of the products is good professionals typically like to recommend HP, Canon and Epson and other original materials; And if it is in the field of general professional consumables to choose, they will recommend products tianwei, because like tianwei stable quality, good service of professional manufacturers, according to different brand cartridges production and the matching printers, to ensure to more closely match between ink and printer. Consumable cost while the performance of the original material in performance cannot be questioned, but not low price is a printer user sting, if keen on gaining petty advantages and bought fake products, print out the result is bad is small, destroyed the printer is big trouble. As general consumable materials on production, material is more and more strict monitoring, the product stability and print effect than with the original photograph, also not inferior. In terms of price, general supplies and has more obvious difference between the original supplies, general consumable products currently on the market are cheaper than the original consumables corresponding 30% ~ 70%, and for the user to save the cost of using benefit is obvious. After-sales service is consumable printer supplies, and users in daily use are due to improper operation, cause leakage of ink cartridge, plug, etc. Thus, a good after-sales service and technical support is vital for the users.

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