The difference between the bar code printer and laser printer _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-04-21

at present, there are two ways to get the print bar code labels, bar code printer to print way and the way of software with the laser printer. Two ways has its advantages and disadvantages, and each has its ideal applicable occasions. Here are two ways for the comparison.

using barcode printer:

barcode printers print mode is a kind of traditional way of barcode printing. Bar code printer is a kind of special equipment, generally speaking, there are thermal and thermal transfer printing mode, using a special label paper and carbon belt. Bar code printer to print speed, can print special material ( PVC, etc. ) , but external cutter and function extension, but the price is expensive, complicated in operation and maintenance, suitable for the label to a large number of professional production users. At present commonly used brand has DATAMAX, ZEBRA, Intermec barcode printer, etc.

using barcode label printing software and laser printer to print:

application ordinary printer with special print barcode label design software is another way to make the barcode label. This way can realize multi-usage, and high precision laser printers, graphics expression capability is strong, and can print color label. But the printing speed is slow, and can be printed material is less. The main bar code printing software has the Label matrix into CODESOFT, BARONE, Beijing Label software ( JCDL) And so on.

software mode and the choice of the ways of bar code printer:

according to the comparison of the above, both have its advantages and disadvantages, suitable for different occasions:

where needs a large number of printing labels, especially the factories need to be in a short time a large number of print and need special labels ( Such as PVC material, waterproof material) , need to use namely ( If the ticket office, etc. ) Place, should choose the bar code printer.

in the label printing is less, and in order to print in one place, Such as the library) , should choose the way to laser printing.

in small place such as supermarket, small factory, can choose in one of two ways.

that is to say, if you are often a large number of printed labels, or have special request for the label, and your financial resources and allows, you should choose the bar code printer; If you label perform isn't very big, money and don't want to spend too much, you should choose the laser printer. Using the software and the way of laser printing, can not only meet the needs of your barcode label printing, which can also be used to make CARDS, badges, print letter sign and so on.

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