Bar code printer print head injury mainly comes from where _ printing equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-04-13
As is known to all barcode printing head is a very important part of the bar code printers, all parts of, directly affects the print quality. Due to the professional thermal or thermal transfer barcode printer print head special vulnerability, if not more maintenance, it is easy to cause the print job is not normal. Most bar code printer adopts thermal printing and thermal transfer printing mode, both, compared to thermal printing on the wear and tear of the print head, pollution intensity is bigger. Many users think that increased spending on a machine maintenance, this only focus on short-term investment orientation using barcode printer will inevitably bring a certain amount of loss to the production of enterprises, but also will increase the cost of production. Professionally test, regular reasonable preventive maintenance and low expenses needed for the print head, saving is several times or even more equipment maintenance or renewal fees. Introduce according to professional and technical personnel, bar code printers print head injury mainly comes from: in addition to the man-made destruction, such as nails, direct contact with the print head scratching, bar code printers, print head damage mainly from high-speed printing of wear and tear, high temperature environment to make thermal paper ( Thermal printer) Or ribbon ( Thermal transfer printer) Dirty print head, high pressure or the print head crack and deformation caused by static electricity. Once the print head is damaged, light label printing has a white line ( The print head have a row of yuan is dirty or scratch) , or printed label fuzzy, the reader can't read data. When a bar code or graphical outline/line has emerged the print effect is not consistent, may be the print head has dirt to clean. In order to get the best printing effect should be regularly to clean the print head. Expert proposal, then packed in a new roll of ribbon, thermal print media or print before more than 150 meters straight or folding clean when the print media. In the print head cleaning work is not required to shut off the power.
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