Before choosing paper printer to know the technical parameters of _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2023-08-19
Belongs to the special printer paper printers, it also has a special role. Usually in the place such as catering, supermarkets are use this special paper printer, office equipment and so on purchase, to the use of different functions have different methods of choose and buy. Label printer mainly use three kinds of printing technology: pin type printing, thermal printing, thermal transfer printing. Before choosing paper printer to know its technical parameters: choose paper printer before, users can understand the label printer several main technical parameters, and then according to the requirements of practical application, to choose the right equipment, for the label printer system, resolution of the correct detection read in one of the most narrow width of operator, selecting equipment, not equipment points braid rate is higher, the better. But should be selected according to the density of a negotiable instrument used in the specific application with appropriate resolution devices, if the resolution is too high for the selected equipment in use, is a blot on operator, deinking effect of the system will be more serious, such as scanning depth of field is on the premise of ensuring reliable reading, scanning head allowed to leave the longest distance between the surface can be the difference between the closest point on the surface of the near distance. Scanning beam scanning speed is refers to the unit of time on the trace of scanning frequency, a recognition rate represents the first scan read the tag number and scanned the ratio of the total, from the view of the practical application of paper printers use, certainly hope every scan can pass. Also is the effective working range label printer, some label printer equipment in the technical indicators are not given the scanning depth indicator, but given the scanning distance, namely the scan head allowed to leave the shortest distance, on the surface of the bar code scanning width index is given on the scanning beam scanning distance can read the information of the physical length value.
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