How should pin type print head cleaning? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-05-06

stylus printer due to the print head and ribbon printing ink, printer paper scraps and dust, often contact, especially print entered the print out of the hole is easy to be confused these blocked by dirt. Light person influence printing effect, serious can't out to make the print needle and even cause the print head is broken needle phenomenon. Therefore, regular cleaning maintenance of printers, the print head is also more important, here are some simple cleaning methods: one, easy to remove the print head cleaning

easy to remove the print head printers, the print head can be easily removed from the print head block, so the print head directly off can be used for cleaning method. Specific steps are as follows: 1. Will print head tightly solid screw loosening, remove the print head and the print head cable; 2. The print head front out needle into anhydrous alcohol ( Note: the needle into anhydrous alcohol at least 2 cm) , immerse 2 hours ( Depending on the specific pollution program) ; 3. With medical syringe suction anhydrous alcohol on the needle mouth the top and bottom injection wash it will waste many times; 4. The print head cable connected to a printer, the print head is not in the print head seat but hold it in hand; Open play printing mechanical and electrical source and to print the introspection about 2 minutes, with degreased cotton blot out needle out alcohol and dirt; 5. Repeating steps 3 and 4 times the print head can be cleaned. ( Note: the print head empty type needle without touching the other items, lest cause breakage) 。

2, not easy to remove the print head cleaning

is not easy to remove the print head cleaning method. Concrete steps as follows: 1. Block grey front cover, and remove printing ribbon box, dispatch the print head and the roller spacing to maximize; 2. With medical syringe suction a small amount of anhydrous alcohol and drip out of the print head pinhole above ( In the needle mouth bottom should put the good water imbibition printer paper in case of anhydrous alcohol and dirt pollution) , make the print head soak half an hour; 3. Connected to the printer power supply, make the printer self-checking and typed in print ( Don't put the ribbon box) 5 minutes; 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 times, until the printing paper printing marks is not clear. The print head out of the needle with medical absorbent cotton finally in alcohol blot, can achieve the purpose of cleaning.

5。 Parts of the printer mechanism, in addition to the response to the print head cleaning on a regular basis, but also often give print head block guide shaft inject a small amount of lubrication oil and other moving parts, to ensure the normal work of the printer. Reminder: if not operating correctly, in the process of dismantling will lead to a stylus printer print head completely damaged. Not sure enough, this operation please professional maintenance staff to repair or maintenance department to deal with, or under the guidance of maintenance expert.

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