How to use opportunely RFID electronic tag in tire? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-05-19
In recent years, the European Union, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions have issued the tyre label method, requires the tyre must be labeled and marked the fuel efficiency of the tire rolling, rolling resistance, noise and the level of the grip of a wet road surface. Tyre label system in China is also vigorously promote the process. According to the editor's investigation understands, tire trace identity currently on the market widely used bar code + the tire information stored in the form of the tyres of all kinds of information, but the information of barcode and the tire position is located in the body surface, the tire will wear off soon after use. Once these cannot be visual information, means that the tyre information is missing, to identify tire model, pattern, information such as the diameter. If there is a tire illegal and unsafe to use ( The tyre is unqualified, used the overload, outdated, etc. ) Circumstances, will directly to the user's use, maintenance, and claims caused difficulties, lead to disputes, and even cause safety accident frequency, energy and resource waste on the environment. And the RFID technology application, can orderly tire industry production, the sale ( To prevent counterfeit, stick a card, transregional) The lifecycle management, the realization of the tyre; Standard shipping, to ensure the safety of personal property; Promote, standardize new tyres, tyre recycling economy. Radio frequency identification RFID application in tire demos: in tire molding process, electronic tags into the tyre inside, can withstand the tire deformation, high temperature and high pressure in the process of forming and vulcanization. Tire through X-ray detection, bubble inspection, dynamic balance and uniformity test, durability test, etc. , shows its reliable performance. Planted the RFID electronic tag inside the tyre, from a security perspective, mainly including the combination of electronic tag and tire and rubber problem, namely the electronic label must implant after the tyre and tyre forming a whole, does not produce bubbles and delaminating and affect the quality of tyre; Electronic tag does not influence the weight of the tire dynamic balance quality problem, which is to make the volume and weight of electronic label after encapsulation satisfies the requirement of tire dynamic balance and uniformity; From tags into consideration, the reliability of electronic tags into the tires to tire under tensile, high temperature and high pressure in the process of production and use, qu torsion deformation, in the whole life cycle of tire use; From read-write distance into consideration, embedded electronic tag read distance within the tire to meet the demand of the use and management of late tires. Thus, the combination of RFID technology and tire manufacturing technology can not only solve the current problems tire identification and traceability process, at the same time, the tire with the RFID electronic tag implanted inside the tyre, can be written to the tyres production data, sales data, using the data, renovation, etc. , and can be read through the terminal to collect relevant data at any time, coupled with the corresponding management software, can be realized on the whole life cycle of tyre data record and trace.
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