Label paper/carbon with good or bad for barcode printers, what is the effect of _ printing equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-04-17

tag paper, printing ribbon/carbon with good or bad has what effect on bar code printer, small make up can clearly tell you, there is a very important influence.

1, correct operation: the operation of the user is correct, the bar code printer has great effect on the length of service life, such as temperature, pressure and other machine setting and application of bar code with the proper use of carbon cleaning and so on. 2, the implementation of maintenance: whether in accordance with the conditions to carry out the general maintenance, use and maintenance actions are correct ( Contains the use of instruments and methods of the maintenance) Set-up, and regular professional maintenance is complete, the above points are affecting the service life of the bar code printer. 3, environmental factors: bar code printers, please shut off the power when not in use, can make the machine keep in low temperature, best can be apart when switching power supply 5 ~ 10 minutes, choose as far as possible put in a clean environment. If can meet the above conditions, the life of the bar code printer for at least 5%. Bar code printing head is the most fragile components in bar code printer. It is a loss of goods like cars, will eventually be damaged, but constantly pay attention to maintenance, keep the reasonable clear barcode carbon with ribbon layer caused by dirt can prolong the life of the bar code printing head. Barcode printing head predictive maintenance to play the best effect, when each with a roll of carbon belt or a roll of thermal paper to clean a bar code printing head. Pay attention to when clean bar code printing head to take off the ring from cuts barcode printing head, using grounding metal belt or anti-static pad to prevent electrostatic damage barcode printing head. Usable cotton swab soaked in 70% alcohol, first close the printer power supply and open the barcode printing head, brush with a small amount of cotton in the mechanical parts of the printer, or gently blowing dust ( Such as: roller, paper/ribbon sensor and barcode printing head) 。 Don't use any hard metal or worn tool ( Such as a screwdriver) To random barcode printing head of carbon belt grinding of pollutants. Warm prompt: with alcohol cotton bar pressure on barcode printing head to wipe from top to bottom out, then the rotating rollers, use it to turn while brush, cotton stick dirty don't use.

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