Label printer to print out the best effect should be considered? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2023-08-19
In our life, a lot of places need to label printer, use a lot of paper, so the paper printers have larger development space, each big enterprise business in shenzhen individual, is the deep understanding of continually paper printer. Label printer how to achieve the best effect of the print? User when buying the barcode label printer carbon belt, what type of carbon belt (usually needs to determine selection Such as wax base, mixed base or resin base) , carbon belt width and length, in order to choose suitable and good cost performance of carbon belt, and can achieve the best effect of printing paper printers, should consider the following aspects: if it is a way of thermal transfer, carbon and label paper is the consumption of synchronization, in width, the width of the carbon belt should be greater than or equal to the width of the label paper, less than the maximum print width of label printer, because the physical size of each printer is different, the maximum length of paper roll can be loaded and can print the biggest width is different also, in addition, the working temperature of the print head and cooperate with carbon belt will produce very big effect for the printing effect. If the surface is relatively rough, Such as coated paper) , should cooperate with wax base or mixed base carbon belt, surface is smooth, For example, PET paper) , should be used with resin matrix carbon belt, if you want to label printer printed label content can lasting stay clear of it, you should choose resin base carbon belt.
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