The advantages of application of barcode printing devices _

by:Xprinter     2023-08-28
The application of bar code has the following benefits: 1. Reliable accuracy. Have data to check the keyboard on average every 300 characters a mistake, and bar code input on average every 15000 characters a mistake. If add validation for the bit error rate is one over ten million. 2. Data input speed. Keyboard input, a typist 1 type 90 words per minute. 6 seconds can input 12 characters or string, and using barcode, doing the same job only 0. 3 seconds, increase speed by 5 times. 3. The economy is cheap. Compared with other automatic identification technology, and promote the application of bar code technology, a longer costs low. 4. Flexible and practical. Bar code as a means of identification can be used alone, can also be automated recognition of recognition system and related equipment, can also be linked with other control equipment to realize the automation management of the whole system. At the same time, in the absence of automatic identification equipment, also can realize manual keyboard input. 5. Degrees of freedom. Identification equipment and barcode label position degrees of freedom are much larger than the OCR. Bar code is typically expressed in only one dimension in the direction information, and the same barcode represents the same information and continuous, so that even the labels have some defect, can still normal part from input the correct information. 6. Simple devices. Bar code identification equipment has simple structure, easy operation, no specialized training. 7. Easy to make. Can be printed, said as a printable computer language. The barcode label is easy to make, no special requirements on printing equipment and materials.
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