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by:Xprinter     2020-05-08

because the fax machine is widely used, many work documents through a quick way to transfer, and fax paper mostly use thermal paper. When this fax files when the time is too long, the text will be natural fade, if encounter some involves the economic interests of the file, will thus cause many economic entanglements, to deal with such entanglements, usually need to reproduce the content of fax paper.

words and blank for fax paper is in the same plane and fax text constitute some particularity, so by the indentation method, chemical processing method are unable to reproduce the fax content, but there are conditions of the local available video beneficial to blink. Lack of equipment for the units at the grass-roots level, the following is to introduce a simple thermal paper content representation method & ndash; The fax machine to heat treatment method.

once happened in such cases, some unit had sent the entrust agreement signed between companalysis years ( Fax file) , the other party as a result of the payment issue, because time is too long, fax file has blurred at that time, and to clarify the nature, content need to reproduce the fax. For examination to a page thermal paper, paper appearance and smooth, have a folded trace, in the inspection of material on the left have a blue-black ink as a symbol, the approximate blank sheets of paper, with the side light, faintly visible in some words. Duplicator to deal with the after heat treatment method, the content of the trust agreement, trust people, entrusted with the images of per capita than understand.

this let thermal paper content representation methods of heat treatment is what principle?

thermal paper is the hair color information ( Its main component is colorless dye and acid phenol or other) Apply often paper-based. Fax transmission graphic information, records head after heating and fax paper touch, hair color of thermosensitive coating material is heated up the chromogenic reaction ( Usually a black) Recorded, but not with the head blank touch others chromogenic reaction, in order to show the white background and black text by fax civilization.

generate black material is not very safe because it is over, time a long handwriting will fade, but not the chromogenic reaction of blank some hair color material is relatively stable, fade slowly. When again with heat treatment method and treatment of thermal paper, was not the chromogenic reaction of blank some heated up the chromogenic reaction, present a black, was already fading text some little change, then constitute a black white text file. Copier heat treatment method is to use thermal paper, this feature to copy after preheating, will need to reproduce the content of fax paper from the copier paper to port ( Have some up in words) The heat energy, duplicators hot drum to uniform heat treatment of thermal paper, with a black white way to reproduce the fax content.

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