The introduction of the printing label paper - Barcode paper _ printing equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-06-04

common label paper has the following types: senior PET label paper is PET polyester film, actually it is a kind of polymer material. PET has a good hard brittle, its color is common with silver, white, bright white, etc. According to the thickness of 25 times ( 1 = 1 um) Specifications, 50 times and 75 times, it has to do with the actual needs of manufacturers. Because of PET excellent dielectric properties, good anti-fouling, scratch-resistant, high temperature resistant, such as performance, it is widely used in a variety of special occasions, such as mobile phone batteries, computer monitors, air conditioning compressor, etc. In addition, PET paper has good biodegradable natural, has been increasingly cause the attention of the manufacturer.

senior PVC label paper PVC is the abbreviation of vinyl, it is also a kind of polymer material, of common color white, pearl white. PVC and PET performance close to, it is larger than that of PET with good flexibility, soft feel, is often used in jewelry, jewelry, watches and clocks, electronics, metals and other high-end occasions. But the degradation of PVC is poorer, has a negative effect on environment protection, some developed countries abroad have begun to develop alternative products in this area.

thermal label paper, thermal paper is paper treated by high heat sensitive thermosensitive coating material, the high sensitivity of the surface material can be used to print head, low voltage and little wear and tear on the print head. , according to the thermal paper is dedicated to the electronic cash register of a thermal paper, thermal paper test the most simple way: use nail on a piece of paper, leaving a black scratches. Thermal paper is suitable for cold storage, freezers sign, shelves, such as its size are fixed in 40 mmx60mm standards.

coated paper tag

for barcode label printing and printing, suitable for supermarket, inventory management, industrial production lines, product carton, etc. Commonly used imported brands such as the United States, Japan eli paper prince paper, paper of four dimensions, ultra smooth without coated paper, is a good base material of thermal transfer printing.

over the non-drying label is commonly used in some of the performance. Another application as plain paper labels more kinds are garment tags. In view of the characteristics of the clothing itself, the commonly used clothing tags use double-sided coated paper, clothing tags is in commonly 160 g - paper thickness 300 g. But it's too thick clothing tags is suitable for printing, and use bar code printer to print clothing tags should be about 180 g, so as to ensure good printing effect, and can protect the print head. Application:

tag packing: wheat head tag, letters, packaging, transport of goods, postal parcels, envelope address labels. Electronics: mobile phone inside tags, various kinds of electrical appliances, notebook PC tag, mechanical and electrical products. Commodity: price tags, product labels, shelf labels, bar code label, drugs label. Management: the book tag, city, security labels, fixed asset tag. Office: file documents tag, archives preservation, all kinds of goods and stationery. Production: marked on raw materials, processed products, finished product tag, inventory management. Chemical industry: paint material marking, anticorrosion packaging label product labeling and various special solvent. Other: anti-counterfeit labels, encryption, tags, security tags. Jewelry: jewelry tags tag, removable label. Clothing, clothing tag, washing label. The airport, boarding pass, baggage label tags. Tickets: train, long-distance bus. Other: votes, highway toll parking lot.

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