The _ printing devices thermal print head structure

by:Xprinter     2023-08-20

thermal printers print head consists of a row of heating element, the element has the same resistance, these components are close together, ranging from 200 dpi to 600 dpi, these components must be in current through will quickly produce high temperature, when the dielectric coating meet these components, temperature within a very short time increases, the dielectric coating chemical reaction occurs, color.

thermal printers in the determination of thermal paper selectively heating, which leads to the corresponding graphics. Heated by contact with heat sensitive material of a small electric heaters provide a print head. Heater is arranged in the article point or in the form of logic control by printer, when driven on thermal paper produce a corresponding graphics and heating elements. Control of heating elements in the same logic circuit, and at the same time controlling the feed, and thus can print the graphics on the label or paper.

with a heating is the most common thermal printers use lattice fixed the print head, shown in the figure of the print head, 320 points, each point is zero. 25毫米× 0. 25毫米。 Using the lattice, the printer can print at any position on thermal paper. This technique has been used in paper printers and label printers.

usually in thermal printer when the feed speed as evaluation index, the rate of 13 mm/s. However when the label format after optimization, some printers can play 2 times as much speed. This thermal printers process is relatively simple, and thus can be made into portable battery powered thermal label printer. Due to the thermal printer to print format is flexible, high image quality, fast speed and low cost, it is not easy to print out the barcode label on above 60 ℃ in the environment, or exposure to ultraviolet light ( Like the sun) Over a very long time. Therefore, thermal bar code label is usually limited to indoor use.

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