The uv printer uv ink curing effect is not good reason _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2020-05-23
Our customer service staff often receive such consultation, some industry personnel in the uv printer printing production process, often can often encounter uv ink curing not thorough and sticky on the surface of the phenomenon, thus causes the printing effect is not ideal, this kind of phenomenon is caused by how? How to solve this phenomenon to ensure the quality of printing, here small make up materials of the simple for everyone to share. Uv curing light source power not enough uv printer uv light curing has three elements: 1, spectrum, namely whether the uv lamp and other light sources emit light absorption spectrum is consistent with curing, etc. 2, strength, namely the light source of light is enough, can make the curing photochemical reaction, because of the different curing ( UV coating printing ink, glue) The performance of the internal sensitizer, dose is different, the main agent and agent amount of pervious to light quality, feel also different, so different curing strength requirements. 3, curing speed, curing can not be completed fast curing rate, and slowly will have bad effects on curing. Pattern such as craze, poor adhesion, etc. Curing rate are different due to different curing. Uv printer speed is also caused by Uv ink curing not thorough, the cause of the surface sticky. At this time can decrease the printing speed, or enlarged light source power. Uv curing light lamp aging uv lamp is mainly refers to emit ultraviolet lamp, luminous with high quantity of heat, because it's not just inspire the ultraviolet ray, and also with infrared emission, the wavelength of light focused on the 365 mm or so, the proportion of the infrared tubes in different because of different quality, normal domestic uv ultraviolet lamp long by about 30%, and imports the uv lamp has 40 & ndash; Content of 50%, low calorific value and at the same time, the service life is long, up to 2000 hours, while domestic UV lamp only 1000 hours. As light using electrode decomposition, bulb to produce deposits, transparency and the transmittance of the ultraviolet weakened gradually, so regularly to test the uv printer lamp, timely replacement bulbs. UV curing speed slow light curing ink itself is to point to the UV ink or UV coating, etc, in the ultraviolet ray effectively under the irradiation of photochemical reaction, which is cured into liquid, curing to form design, this process can add light curing catalyst, decrease the printing speed or find ink suppliers to solve. Here small make up remind is, some manufacturers use ethanol to dilute the UV ink, and excess alcohol can affect the light curing degree, cause light curing incomplete, surface sticky. So should try to avoid using ethanol diluted, such as the need to reduce ink viscosity, can use UV ink thinner.
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