The working principle of thermal printers _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-04-09
The printer, cash register use is a thermal printer, so what is the principle? Working principle used after chemical treatment of thermal medium, when medium by time-varying black from under the thermal print head. Thermal printer does not use ink, toner, or ribbon. Simple design makes the thermal printers, durable and easy to use. Since there is no ribbon, thermal printer operation cost is lower than the thermal transfer printer. The pattern of the thermal medium will fade with time. If label excessive exposure to heat, light or other catalyst, the material will become dark, make the barcode cannot be read. Thermal labels can be read sex change with different using conditions and great, but the technology for rated annotation and many other common barcode printing application provides enough life. For example, in the distribution center storage after six months, direct thermal label can still easily scan read. Heat transfer principle in thermal transfer printing, thermal print head to foil heat, melt ink on the label material to form a pattern. Ribbon material absorbed by medium and design forms a part of the label. The technology provides other on-demand printing technology unmatched quality and durability design. Compared with thermal printers, thermal transfer printer can accept more varieties of media, including paper, polyester and polypropylene material. Thermal transfer printer can generate durable rating label, UL/CSA labels, label and notes, and wristbands, permanent assets label, frame and other marks. Raw materials choose wax is the most common, cheap option, is suitable for many applications. Resin ribbon can improve the heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, used for synthetic label material. Resin modified wax ribbon comprehensive advantages, both perform well on many label materials. In order to ensure the printing performance and durability, must be carefully selecting specific label and ribbon. Ribbon ideal choice depends on the tags used materials, printers, and environment. By choosing the right medium ribbon combination, users are able to produce in the process of production, logistics and storage can read sex always maintain high quality label.
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