Bar code label printers, how to choose and buy should pay attention to what _ printing equipment problems

by:Xprinter     2020-04-11

bar code label printer how to choose and buy should pay attention to? Barcode printers, there are many kinds of classification, there are two common ways of printing. Here, provide some basis for how to choose the printer to the customer. Choosing bar code printer, should consider the following problem:

1. Print number: if you need to print more than 1000 a day, you will need a solid with high dosage and metal case industrial printers, print the number of smaller, it can use desktop printer series of each individual. 2. The size of the label: the general bar code printer can print & quot; 4 x6“ Label, which is suit of the specifications of the current shipping label. You can also according to your own need to print out the flexible labels of different sizes, if you want to print a broader label, need to choose a wide printer. 3. The content of the label: if you only need to print the barcode and text, the general bar code label printer can do. But if you need each label print different bar code ( Such as item number) Or text ( Such as shipping label) Halfway through, but don't want to stop to print, you will need a printer of 32-bit processor, which can greatly improve production efficiency. 4. The quality of the label: the label printer to print resolution generally divided into 203 dpi, 300 dpi, 600 dpi. Dpi value shows that the greater the its printing effect, the better. If you want to high quality images printed on the label, you can consider to choose the print head of 300 dpi. 5. Print: the speed of printer in different styles have different print speed, will be subject to the user demand for speed. Bar code label printer (commonly Label making machine) The print speed per second 2 & Prime; - - - - - - 6″ C, and the bar code label printer with higher speed rate can be up to 10 & Prime; C, if need to print in a short time a large number of labels, you should choose the bar code label printer. 6. Different industry applications: used in the production line or warehouse bar code printer should choose with metal shell model is relatively strong; In the point of sale or in the office can choose desktop personal printer series, because the space is less, and easy to move.

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