Bar code printer carbon with wrinkled _ printing equipment handling method

by:Xprinter     2020-07-10

in equipment maintenance example, always encounter with ribbon bar code label printer carbon wrinkle problem. We summarized the following several reasons:

1. 2 improper temperature setting. We do not have the right to set the feeding medium volume 3. The print head pressure and balance set incorrectly. The route ribbon with dirt five. The print head in front of the damper has scratches. 6 or dirt. Ribbon no right around the machines

processing method is as follows. 1. Adjust the print temperature, satisfies the requirement of printing 2 as soon as possible. Resetting medium right away paper 3. The minimum pressure required to reset the print 4. The route clean carbon with 5. Remove the baffle or replace damper 6. Correct installation media again

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