Bar code printer for he liang red light? _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-04-11
Zebra this brand, not only because of its big market, but also because of its easy to use, the machine is very intelligent, industrial bar code printer can intelligent detect the failure of the product. Its industrial bar code printer have a control panel, panel has a common set of keys, lamp, and a liquid crystal display, such as product has any fault, fault can be displayed in the LCD panel, according to fault tips, targeted detected at the root of the problem. Today we are going to explain, bar code label printer red indicator light on the control panel of the fault, what causes the red light? Analysis is as follows: ( 1) Bar code printer didn't confess to label paper. This kind of circumstance is the most commonly encountered, usually we print the label paper, there are gaps, so the bar code printer before printing must do the action of test paper. It must have an error if there is no test paper is printed. ( 2) Carbon belt installation is not correct. Carbon with two sides, more intelligent bar code printer can identify both the front and inside carbon, carbon. If the installation properly, bar code printers, bright red light. ( 3) Supplies run out. Consumables ( Label paper, carbon belt) If finished results in red light, on the bar code printer, of course, sometimes is not necessarily the paper and carbon belt run out, and the installation of labels and carbon belt installation path is not correct, error. ( 4) Bar code printer paper. Bar code printer paper is not just roll into the rubber roller, feed path above labels must have tape to stick to the inside, is probably behind the position sensor and the following, this place sticker is hidden, not easy to find, more is not easy to clean up, you have a good check, if there is a sticker to confirm, need to open the bottom cover, and the whole structure, split it out, with a soft cloth ð ª, take 1/2 level Alcohol can also, just put adhesive ability less) Wipe it clean, and then reinstall it. Red light, in the actual process of printing on the zebra printer often encounter, involve the question will be more, in order to rule out red light fault on the bar code printer, must according to the method, step by step analysis. Concrete can be screening according to the above said at four o 'clock.
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