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by:Xprinter     2020-06-22
Summary as usual at the time of setting bar code printer, everyone should see a lot of parameters, so in order to make everyone more skilled use of bar code printers, now, let me simple introduce for you the inside of the bar code printer what are the important parameters, to choose the appropriate bar code printer to do a reference! Barcode printer font font refers to the printer without the support of foreign word stock, carry through character, can realize the font type and quantity. The font is divided into Chinese fonts, English font and some other types of fonts. Change the font, can generally through the printer on the front panel button. Bar code printer interface type interface type refers to the bar code printer and computer systems use what way to connect. Common interface type: parallel port ( Also have called IEEE1284, Centronics) And serial port ( Also has is called RS - 232 interface) And USB interface, and PS / 2 interface. Currently use more on bar code printer or a parallel port and serial port. Parallel port is also known as parallel interface, mainly as a printer port, use the 25 needles D shape connector. In parallel, refers to the 8 bits of data transmitted through the parallel line, at the same time so that data transfer speed is greatly increased. But parallel transmission line length is limited, because the length increases, the interference will increase, the data is easy to get wrong. At present basically equipped with parallel computer. A serial port is called a serial interface, the PC now generally has two serial port COM1 or COM2. Serial port is different from the parallel port in its data and control information is sent one by one,. Though this speed will be slower, but longer transmission distance is parallel port, so if you want to for a long distance communication, serial port should be used. Bar code printer memory because of the need to store the edit bar code content, but also in order to improve the running speed of the product, especially when the printing speed, with the print task have the effect of print tasks and print task buffer storage, to ensure the smooth completion of the print task, bar code printers in the product design the internal storage ( Hereinafter referred to as memory) To store the contents of the user to edit and some printing need for storage of data exchange. Bar codes are small, but actually contain the amount of information is relatively large, so the bar printer memory requirements or is bigger, some still another flash memory as a supplement. Bar code printer bar code printer consumables called carbon carbon belt length, length of carbon with natural means carbon with long. The longer the length of the carbon belt, its service life is long natural, to be able to print the number of bar code label the more natural. Barcode printers maximum length of bar code printer for barcode label printing process, is not to say that to a unlimited print, for the length of the printing, in general there is a limit. Maximum length of print length is also used to represent the unit mm, also can saying is the be clear at a glance. Bar code printers, print speed and our common ink jet printers and laser printers print speed identification in a different way, bar code printer to print speed is to use it in a unit time to print the products use the widest labels represented the length of the tape, generally use the mm/s ( Mm/SEC) Said, that is, in a second can print label tape how many mm long. For the technical indicators, the nature is the bigger the better. Bar code printer resolution resolution is Shared by all printing devices one indicator, label printers, too. Resolution is refers to the product can achieve highest printing precision. Also refers to how many points can be implemented on per inch, unit for dpi. Two property, on behalf of the horizontal and vertical accuracy precision. In general, the bar code printer, the resolution of 300 dpi products compare. Barcode printers print width width refers to the bar code printer can print the maximum width of the range. Its identity and ordinary printer with paper specifications to identify different, but the daily mm to identify the length of the unit, can be said to be the be clear at a glance. User when the choose and buy should be according to their own need to print in the practical application of the actual width of the bar code label for choice. And for this problem, the user must consider to be clear about, so big you can print small width, but the width is small for sure can't print. There is no doubt that the print width increases, the price of the product will naturally rise. Barcode printers print mode print mode refers to the bar code printer adopts what kind of technology for printing. In general, the bar code printer adopts thermal transfer printing technology, some products claim to be heat transfer technology, is actually a reason. Thermal transfer technology, simply put, is to use a special carbon belt, through similar to the working principle of the fax machine to print head, carried the carbon carbon powder coating after heating way, transfer to the paper or on other kinds of material, the carbon coating material of the belt can choose according to need, have strong adhesion, and print media choice, more can ensure printed handwriting is not affected by the outside world. Thermal transfer printing can withstand the time test, long term deformation, text can be long-term preservation, never fade, because contact solvent will wear, not because of high temperature deformation and discoloration.
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