Bar code printer several solutions _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2020-05-11
The following will introduce bar code printer by small make up for you several solutions. 1. The principle of thermal transfer bar code label printing ink printing technology is made by heating and pressure will melt solid ink transfer printing on the ribbon to the complete label print media. By selecting the thermal transfer ribbon and label material matching, thermal transfer printing method can produce high temperature resistant, wear resistant, resistant to chemical solvents and other special properties of the bar code label. Therefore, in the barcode industry has been the most widely used. The accuracy of thermal transfer printer is 203 dpi, 300 dpi, 406 dpi and four 600 dpi, etc. The printing speed from 51 mm/SEC to 300 mm/SEC. Label printing width is usually 71 mm, 104 mm and 165 mm and 215 mm. 2. Thermal barcode label using thermal print thermal print label material, do not use the ribbon, direct heating thermal complete print label. Thermal bar code label of life is short, usually tag to save time can't more than six months, and is mainly used in indoor, or the environment temperature is not high. Using thermal technology of bar code label printer, the cost is low. But the high cost of the print head. Mainly used in special areas, such as retail. 3. Product packaging label printing solutions product packing barcode label printing is bar code label printer application most occasions. Packing label size is larger, usually print accuracy is not high, the printing volume is larger, most label material for paper material, so choose the low accuracy of industrial-grade bar code printer is more suitable. 4. Product nameplate label printing solution for synthetic materials such as PET product nameplate label commonly used; Ribbon and pure resin is given priority to, also can choose hybrid ribbon. In order to make sure the barcode label of all kinds of performance and durability. On the product nameplate label format design, often need to print the company Logo, special symbols and graphics. For text, especially Chinese print, also requires beautiful as far as possible. Therefore, all choose high precision thermal transfer printer. 5. Precision positioning printing solution for ordinary mechanical positioning precision of the thermal transfer bar code label printer only 13 mm. It is difficult to meet the PCB tags, chip tags, jewelry tags such as small label printing requirements. This is where the label precision positioning of the printer. In addition, some label page content is more, if the orientation, the content of the print might drift out of the label layout. This is where the image precision positioning function of bar code printers, ensure that when a large number of printing image drift error in the range of permission. Above is of 5 kinds of solution used by bar code printing, our company as a professional high-end bar code solution to release service, can according to your situation for you to recommend the most suitable for your solution, solve your product identification, make you satisfied.
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