Bar code printer using and maintenance of the print head _ printing devices

by:Xprinter     2020-07-12
1, the proposal chooses carbon with high quality brand, the selected carbon than label paper ( Including the bottom paper) Slightly wide, in order to protect the print head. 2, advice, choose high quality label paper, label paper without brand logo is strictly prohibited. If label paper surface dust is big, please change immediately. 3, suggest appropriate to reduce the printer work continuously for a long time. 4, according to perform a regular cleaning the print head and rubber roller ( Usually once finished with a roll of carbon belt cleaning) 。 When cleaning, please remember to close the printer power, then use a signed medical cotton dips in anhydrous alcohol to clean the print head in one direction. Forcibly cleaning is required for a rubber roller rotating rubber roller, so that the rubber roller is clean. 5, do not use hard objects or by hand to touch the surface of the print head. 6, in the humid areas, or use the printer room, pay special attention to the print head of maintenance, do not use the printer for a long time, should first check before starting the print head, rubber roller and surface material is abnormal, if be affected with damp be affected with damp or have other attachments, please don't use the boot. The print head and rubber roller can try medical cotton dips in anhydrous alcohol cleaning, material abnormal suggested replacement. 7, advice, often clean up the dust of the printer. 8, Suggestions on the premise of guarantee the quality of printing, appropriate to reduce the temperature and speed of the print head, help to extend the service life of the print head. 9, ordinary users don't disassembling the print head, so as not to cause unnecessary losses
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