Bar code printers, and the difference between ordinary printer _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-05-31

as a printer output devices, and is more common in our work and life. For example, people in the supermarket checkout print receipts receipts machine; Printed materials, such as paper documents inkjet printer; Other companies with professional printer and so on, the printer to print out, are related to our life. Everybody is very curious, bar code printer is really have not seen, but I believe the familiar scan, check, pay treasure, commodity bar code, these are the use of professional barcode printer to print out, with the information. While others, such as clothing tags, tickets, all kinds of labels, packaging, etc are made with bar code printer. Bar code printers, and what is the difference between ordinary printer? Below small make up to you to introduce the difference is:

1, the content of the print, the scope of use is different also.

printing precision and the way of printing, determines the production of their application scope. Bar code printer to print the contents of the include, commodity packaging, carton packaging, electrical appliances, brand identity, logos, bar code identification, management, production, jewelry, clothing tags, tickets and other tags, bar code is using bar code printer.

2, print in a different way, simple working principle is different. This will determine their scope.

bar code printer with carbon belt, or thermal paper printing. This print form, so it can continuous high-speed, even in the case of unattended can continue to work. But ordinary printer can't do it.

3, use different paper.

the bar code printer can print material is more, you can print PET, bond paper, thermal paper sticker and synthetic materials such as PET, PVC and water to wash the cloth, etc. ; Using thermal transfer printing of text and graphics has scratch-resistant effect, the use of special carbon belt printing also can make the printing products are waterproof, anti-fouling, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and other characteristics; Ordinary printer is the most commonly used ordinary paper, like A4 paper, paper of receipts, although can use barcode paper but its printing effect is not good, so generally will not do so, too wasteful.

4, the printing precision.

article barcode in black and white Article or empty) , it is according to their different width changes to the information, so the accuracy of the black and white and the width of each of the produce very big effect to bar code read. Only the precise accuracy, to ensure that the barcode recognition and read. The accurate degree, is decided by barcode software and printer. Professional barcode printing software are designed according to the precision of the printer and the user of the bar code data to calculate the strip width black and white. Through the printer when printing the bar code to control the production function, to ensure that the printed barcode and design are consistent. Ordinary printer is the bar code as a complete image printed on the label paper. So for scanning gun input devices such as read, is a little difficult.

5, the printing speed and perform a different.

in the right way of operation and good maintenance, bar code printer can work 24 hours continuously, perform a is not restricted. Bar code printer to print speed is faster than normal printer. Support serial number ( Variability of the barcode) Print, can save users edit good label format in advance, or call the data in the database, for batch, continuous printing. Bar code printer is a label ( Volume) For printing for the unit, the common printer for printing are single, so the bar code printer with regular printer difference is very big still.

well, after reading this article, I believe you have barcode printers and ordinary printers have a certain understanding of the difference between a choice is very important, right itself is the best, if you want to more professional to make a label, it can choose a bar code printer.

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