Bar code printers, bar code technology to chongqing medical information management modernization _ printing equipment

by:Xprinter     2020-06-02

every day medical institutions to collect, archive, processing, supervision and management of a large number of inspection, treatment information. The traditional manual transcription, thermal paper report form of record has far couldn't keep up with the development of modern laboratory medicine. Many medical units computer simply as a section or department to receive, store, print, or send data processor, but not make full use of the resource advantages of computer network, computer management only stay in one-way network or network status. Information management backward, which seriously restricts the process of hospital development, and bar code printers, bar code technology applications, greatly convenient hospital information management, then they are what are the practical aspects of improvement?

often used for hospital laboratory daily work orders and samples. The doctor's advice is the applicant for inspection orders, in LIS ( Laboratory information system) Serial number generated by the execution time, its corresponding inspection orders a record in a table. Specimen number is the number of them when the operator on the analysis of the specimen. The doctor's advice, and specimens, is a one-to-one relationship, the doctor's advice, or specimens, using bar code technology, analyzer, the equipment can automatically identify specimens, combined with the LIS improves the automation of laboratory. Commonly used in the laboratory a dimensional barcode, the barcode on the circular tube, ensure the recognition rate. Barcode label is made by special factory, choose suitable thickness, adhesion, anti-static processing of materials. Information is a dynamic, scene dynamic print bar code printer. Bar code printing with Ming, bar code printer, already clear, use quality can guarantee that replaces the original need to manually write the application form, and instead of the sample after affixed to the tube or label on the container, for ease of inspection instrument recognition. To stick barcode need to be vertical, Angle should not exceed 15 degrees. Bar code labels used duplex or triplex, a couplet on the tube or container, another purpose, or to the patient, reduce the manual Si. Label with documents, to perfect the correlation information on the label, the patient can clearly know the report time and a single location. Outpatient service desk configuration barcode reader, can realize the patient with a single proof can automatically print a single label scan. Bar code directly into the analytical instruments, part of the instrument adopts the bi-directional communication, namely the instrument after identifying read barcode information by sending a request to the computer system, computer system from to test information management system sends the request, the computer system from the clinical laboratory information such as liver function by the instrument, instrument automatic test, after the completion of the send the result to the computer. Clinical laboratory workstations are equipped with handheld bar code reader for rapid and accurate read bar code. Root tree barcode information query specimens, LIS analyzer on state, audit results, query report, specimen log, etc all work related to the specimen. For easy to distinguish if the specimen of emergency treatment, hospitalization and outpatient service can use different color easily implement carbon belt, such as er printers all carbon belt in red, bar code for the green. After samples sent to the clinical laboratory, it is easy to distinguish, in order to handle emergency samples as soon as possible. From what has been discussed above, we can see that the bar code printers, bar code technology in the medical information management to a variety of convenient, also greatly improve the work efficiency, so the management automation, informationization will be the future development trend.

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